Pile testing systems by Piletest:
Developing, manufacturing and marketing of deep foundations quality assurance NDT equipment

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CHUM (Cross-hole Ultrasonic Monitor)

CHUM supports the Crosshole Sonic Logging
(CSL, "Cross-hole sonic logging", "Sonic logging" or "Sonic coring") method for high resolution testing of piles with any diameter.
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PET(Pile Echo Tester)

PET supports the Pulse-Echo pile integrity testing Method.
(PEM, PET, PIT, "pulse echo testing" or "low strain testing") to quickly perform quality control of a large number of piles
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Founded more than 20 years ago we specialize in developing pile testing systems for quality control and integrity testing of deep foundations (piles, shafts, caissons and barrettes)  Read more
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We have created a page for engineers just like you - packed with sample test requirements, testing methods and professional papers
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