BIT - Borehole Inclination Tester

BIT is a test instrument which measures inclination (verticality) of piles, boreholes and more. BIT is unique as it uses the auger/bucket itself as the centralizer. Eliminating the need for a heavy-to-move system. The BIT enables fast and accurate determination of inclination in both dry and wet boreholes. Large boreholes and diaphragm-walls may be quickly tested several times during drilling to enable real-time corrective action.

BIT measures the verticality of

  • Open boreholes - any diameter
  • Piles: Driven and Sheet-piles
  • Wells & geophysical ducts
  • Drilled shafts through access tubes

BIT in boreholes

BIT in retaining walls, secant walls and wells.

For existing piles:

A special centralizer is attached to the BIT sensor and lowered into a standard access tube (No need for an expensive inclinometer tube). This also applies to reinforced grout mix piles

The BIT sensor includes a gyro which constantly measures and compensates the rotation of the sensor in the tube.

Measuring inclination of wells and geophysical ducts is done using a simple centralizer

System components

  • BIT Main unit (1), rechargeable battery operated with wireless communication channels to the depth meter (3), the mobile computer (4) and the rig operator box (5, not seen). Rugged polyurethane cable connects the main unit to the inclination sensor (2).
  • Precision bi-axial inclination sensor, harsh environment and pressure proof to 300m, attached to the auger/bucket using a simple disposable metal plate.
  • Precision wireless depth meter, transmitting accurate depth to the main box.
  • Any Android mobile device with Bluetooth communication, (Phone/Tablet)
  • Rig operator satellite box with two LEDs: GO/Stop (Optional)