PET — Pile Echo Tester

PET is a non-destructive device for testing the integrity of deep foundations, including drilled shafts, bored and driven piles

Anybody can learn to use the PET in hours - no special training required

  • The PET is extremely productive - up to one hundred piles have been tested in one hour
  • User-friendly software handles testing, analysis and reporting Clear and effective reports are easily produced in your office
  • Rugged and reliable - 36 months warranty
  • PET - your opportunity to start a profitable new business

PET Advantage

  • Easy to use
    • Usually, no training is needed, and the system can be self-taught in hours.
      (No expensive training days)

  • "we were up and running on the same day..."
    WA, USA

  • Computer-independent
    • Supports MS Windows Laptop or Tablet
    • Supports Android Smartphone or Tablet

  • Unlimited software licenses
  • Rugged electronics
    • Specially designed for hostile construction environment

  • "Have been using it for more than 10 years now and found it very reliable."

  • Measures long piles
    • Measures long piles - very low noise level extends the performance envelope to longer piles
  • Very reasonably priced

Product Details

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