The CHUM system

The CHUM (Cross Hole Ultrasonic Monitor) uses the Cross-hole Sonic Logging (CSL) method to perform high-resolution quality control of deep foundations.

The system uses an ultrasonic wave sent from a transmitter to a receiver pulled through water filled access tubes embedded in the concrete. The measured arrival time and energy are strongly dependent on the concrete quality

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Additional methods supported by the CHUM are Single Hole Ultrasonic Testing and Tomography (2D tomography and 3D tomography).

The CHUM is fully compliant to ASTM D6760 - 14, AFNOR NF P 94-160-1 and additional standards

CHUM Advantages

  • Easy to use
    • Usually, no training is needed, and the system can be self-taught in hours.(No expensive training days)
  • "Very, very easy to use..."
    Barcelona, Spain

  • Modular design
    • CHUM connects to any PC via the standard USB port. It will connect to future computers (such as Origami) while embedded systems will quickly become outdated.
    • See table below explaining why this is so important to you

  • Reliable
    • All systems pass pressure, vibration and temperature QA tests
    • the CHUM case can tolerate drops and shocks
    • 3 years warranty
    • Rugged connectors, PU cables and details.

  • Tomography
    • 2D tomography (included).
    • 3D tomography provided as a service
    • Three alternative tomography methods: Fuzzy logic, Parametric and 3D
    • In real-time tomography: the shape of the defects forms as the probes are pulled
  • "The CHUM operated perfectly in -17°c

  • Devoted service
    • Free software support and updates (included)
    • Analysis, interpretation and reporting assistance (included). We will do/review your first reports to make sure they are up to the highest standards.

  • High productivity
    • One experienced person tests about 700m of sections per hour!
    • Fully automated reports in MSWord format
    • The whole system fits into a carry-on luggage. (50m cable drums)
  • "We just tested 4000m of CSL sections in one day!"
    Middle east

  • Unlimited software licenses
    • No plugs, no registration, no need to type in long product ID, no "software transfer fees".
    • Install the fully functional software as many times as you need.

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