ASTM D 5882-16 Compliance Statement

ASTM D5882-16: Standard Test Method for Low Strain Impact Integrity Testing of Deep Foundations

[Link to the ASTM standard] [Compliance certificate (PDF, 194Kb)] confirms that our PET system, running PET Version 3.00 (or higher) meet, or exceed, the requirements of ASTM Standard D5882-07 (2013).

Specific itemized compliance break-down list:

Item Description Requirements Compliance
5.1.1 Impact force application Hammer with hard plastic tip Provided
5.2.1. Accelerometer linearity Up to 50 g Meets
5.2.1. Accelerometer time constant ≥0.5 sec Meets
5.2.1. Resonant frequency ≥ 30 kHz Meets  
5.2.1 Calibration accuracy 5%   Exceeds (1% accuracy)
5.3. Signal transmission Low-noise shielded cable Exceeds (Digital transmission + error correction)
5.4.1. Apparatus Permanent graphic display Provided (computer screen)
5.4.1. Apparatus Permanent data storage capability Provided (computer hard disk)
5.4.1. Apparatus Blow averaging capability Provided by software
5.4.1. Apparatus Variable amplification Provided by software
5.4.1. Apparatus Filtering capability Provided by software
5.4.2. Recording apparatus 12 bit A/D resolution Exceeds:
24 bits PET Pro USB model
16 bit PET Bluetooth Model
5.4.2. Sample frequency 25 kHz Exceeds (50 kHz)
5.4.2. Clock jitter ≤0.01% Exceeds
5.4.4. Signal duration scale 2 L/c plus 5 msec Exceeds



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