CHUM's logging results

CHUM's results can be presented in many methods, ranging from the traditional 1-Dimensional plot to the intuitive, 2-Dimensional tomography. All presentations can be presented in color, grayscale or B&W and can be configured to include optional elements.

Here are some different presentations of the same cross-section:

From left to right:

  1. Line Plot presentation: Curves of arrival time, apparent velocity and relative energy/Attenuation. Any combination of those curves can be selected, in addition to an optional waterfall watermark background.
  2. Parametric Tomography presentation: A fast algorithm generates a forward-model of the cross section that best matches the measured results.
  3. B&W Fuzzy Logic Tomography presentation: Within seconds, a 2-D cross section visualization of the cross section is generated, giving you important information about the location and shape of anomalies
  4. Color fuzzy-logic tomography



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