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Cross Hole Ultra sonic Monitor
(CSL Tester) With tomography support


The CHUM (Cross Hole Ultrasonic Monitor) uses the Crosshole Sonic Logging, CSL testing method to perform high-resolution quality control of deep foundations.

The system uses an ultrasonic wave sent from a transmitter to a receiver pulled through water-filled access tubes embedded in the concrete. The measured arrival time and energy are strongly dependent on concrete quality. [ overview of this test method ]  [ How to test a pile using CSL testing /  the crosshole ultrasonic method? ]

Additional methods supported by the CHUM are Single Hole Ultra sonic Testing (SSL/SHUT) and Tomography (two- and three-dimensional).

The CHUM is fully compliant to ASTM D6760-16, AFNOR NF P 94-160-1 and additional standards

The CHUM system

The CHUM - How it work in 2 minutes

What makes CHUM crosshole logger, the fastest CSL testing equipment?

  • Easy to use

    • Usually, no training is needed, and the system can be self-taught in hours. (No expensive training days)

    • Supports AGC (Automatic Gain Control) for simple, fast, and accurate performance in dynamic conditions.

"Very, very easy to use..." - Barcelona, Spain

  • Tomography

    • 2D tomography (included).

    • 3D tomography provided as a service

    • Three alternative tomography methods: Fuzzy logic, Parametric and 3D

    • In real-time tomography: the shape of the defects forms as the probes are pulled

  • Modular design

    • CHUM connects to any PC via the standard USB port. It will connect to future computers (such as Origami) while embedded systems will quickly become outdated.

  • Reliable

    • 100% QA tests at 16-atmosphere pressure, vibration and extreme temperature

    • The CHUM case can tolerate drops and shocks

    • 3 years warranty!

    • Rugged connectors, PU cables, and accessories.

"The CHUM operated perfectly in -17°c Moskow

  • Devoted service

    • Free software support and updates (included)

    • Analysis, interpretation, and reporting assistance (included). We will do/review your first reports to make sure they are up to the highest standards.

  • Performance

    • Up to 150m (450') deep (deeper optional)

    • A clean signal on 3m and more on solid concrete

    • The cleanest signal in the industry

  • High productivity

    • One experienced person tests about 700m of sections per hour!

    • 40 samples/sec: test as fast as 2m/sec !

    • Fully automated reports in MSWord format

    • The whole system fits into carry-on luggage. (50m cable drums)

"We just tested 4000m of CSL sections in one day!" - Middle East

  • Unlimited software licenses

    • No plugs, no registration, no need to type in long product ID, no "software transfer fees".

    • Install the fully functional software as many times as you need.

Piletest 3D Tomography display capability of CHU crosshole test results

3D Tomography output

Why is CHUM using my computer?

Unlike other systems, CHUM connects to any PC using the USB port, to form a powerful CSL testing system, based on ASTM D6760-16.

Advantages of this modularity concept:

My Laptop

Embedded system

Your local language

US English only

Less systems to maintain

An additional system to maintain (Higher TCO)

Easy to use

learning curve!

No data transfer needed

Slow, cumbersome cables and utility

Seamless upgrade

Send remotely (downtime!)

Easy, local support

Send remotely (downtime!)

Always updated

Always outdated

  • Save money and start testing with your current laptop. Once the market picks up - get a dedicated tablet PC.

How can I take a deeper look at CHUM?

  1. Look at actual case histories with CHUM

  2. Look at snapshots from CHUM's software

  3. View a sample report

  4. Read the technical specifications (pdf)

  5. View our ASTM D6760 CSL testing, compliance statement

  6. Get the evaluation version of CHUM's software.

  7. Learn How to perform a CHUM test 


How can I find out even more?

  1. Fill and send the information request form

  2. Contact our Resellers

Piletest CHUM crosshole test resolts report

Typical report output

Piletest CHUM crosshole test of a deep foundation in a river

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