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Cross Hole Ultrasonic Monitor

The CHUM (Cross Hole Ultrasonic Monitor) uses the Crosshole Sonic Logging CSL testing method to perform high-resolution quality control of deep foundations.

  • Up to 150m (450') deep

  • Tomography support Standard  

  • ASTM D6760, AFNOR  NF P 94-160-1

  • Integrated support for DFI CSL Rating Criteria   - See CHUM software


For testing pile integrity using the CSL method, of medium to large size piles, with supporting access tubes.

CHUM ultrasonic CSL system

Fast and Reliable Crosshole Deep Pile Foundations Testing

Reliable 2trans-b.png


  • 100% QA tests at 16-atmosphere pressure, vibration, and extreme temperature.

  • The CHUM case can tolerate drops and shocks.

  • 3 years warranty!

  • Rugged connectors, cables & sensors

  • 10 years of free software

Easy to Use

  • Usually, no training is needed, and the system can be self-taught in hours. (No expensive training days)

  • Supports AGC (Automatic Gain Control) for simple, fast, and accurate performance in dynamic conditions.

Top Performance

  • Up to 150m (450') deep. (deeper optional)

  • A clean signal on 3m and more on solid concrete.

  • The cleanest signal in the industry.

  • Productivity - 4 tubes X 25m piles - 8 such piles tested in 2 hours!