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Tubes Stickup - Should it be presented?

Updated: Mar 20

The tube stickup is the access tube part above the pile top that is installed on the pile reinforcement cage for the CSL (Crosshole Sonic Logging) test. As such, the CSL test also measures FAT (First arrival time) and RE (Relative Energy) in that area. However, this part, not being part of the pile, is typically cut out in the display and reporting CSL software. The tester does this by setting the point of the pile top (0.0 meter). This also opens the possibility of cutting away not-so-good-looking results at the top of the pile. To prevent this possibility and ensure the integrity of the test results by all means, Piletest is now presenting the stickup area, so it will be clear that the top of the pile has been set true with no compromise. You can read more in the attached CHUM 5.10.2 version notification.

CHUM Software Behavior Change Notification - Tube stickup presentation
Download PDF • 3.68MB

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