Some snapshots

You'll soon realize that we take simplicity and usability rather seriously.

Yeh, sure... Everyone says that... but in Piletest we declared ease of use as our #1 objective and we will go the extreme, just to save you a couple of seconds on an operation performed on site. As a result of these efforts you can learn to use our systems by yourself in a few hours. Saving those training days required by other, harder to use, systems. And saving hours in the field.


The main page of CHUM
  • Just like the familiar Windows interface, you can view piles by date, name, etc. In addition, your piles can be arranged by their physical x-y location within the site, this site-plan view can be zoomed in and out and moved around, all with a single click.
  • There is no limit to the number of piles you can keep, to the pile names or, in fact, to anything else.
  • You project may be divided into subsites, each with its own site plan.
  • double click on an existing pile, or tap on the big + to edit, re-test or add a pile, all these operations are done with a single, intuitive wizard described next
CHUM's "Test Wizard" 
  • The wizard naturally leads you through the ultrasonic test stages. It also verifies that no step is skipped
  • CHUM's ergonomic user interface lets you define sections quickly and positively.
  • Only three clicks, and you can start logging
CHUM First Arrival Time (FAT) Picking
  • CHUM automatically picks the FAT for all recorded pulses using one of several available algorithms.
  • FAT can be overridden by the user for individual pulses by a single mouse click
  • A quick navigation graph (on left) lets you quickly locate and jump to problematic areas
CHUM's output
  • CHUM's results can be presented in many methods, ranging from the traditional 1-Dimensional plot to the intuitive, 2-Dimensional tomography.
  • Line plot (Energy/Velocity/Attenuation/FAT) with an optional waterfall watermark background
CHUM 3D tomography (Optional software)
  • Data from all sections is combined to calculate velocities within the pile's volume.
  • Zoom, Rotate, Tilt, Pane, Slice and Report - all with an intuitive interface made especially for viewing piles



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