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3D heat transfer simulation

hot chili issue with Thermal profiling


Thermaly is a heat propagation simulation, Originally designed for concrete piles, but may be used for other purposes.

Thermaly is

  • Using the finite differences method

  • Using a text input file

  • Parametric 

  • Fast - uses all the processor resources at 100%

  • Minimal error checking, minimal documentation, no localization, minimal UI 



The owner permits you to use the software as-is for non-commercial use as long as the PILETEST name and logo are displayed on the first page of any article or published paper. 

Changes or reverse engineering are not allowed.

The owner takes no responsibility for any conclusions made about the results of the software.



Setup file (64 bit only)
The setup will also install sample data files in your "Documents\Thermaly" folder.

Start learning by examining the "Hello world" file.

Full documentation (Online) 

Support/suggestions/downloads/examples, etc: 


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