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waterfall diagram for CSL test

How to run a Pile Integrity Test (PIT) using the PET?

  1. Wait at least 5 days after casting.

  2. Positivly locate the pile on the project plan.

  3. Make sure the pile head is clean from broken concrete or loose pieces.

  4. Place a small amount of puttie on the PET accelerometer.

  5. Hold the PET sensor on a clean location on the pile and press it down to ensure a good contact.

  6. Start the PET software.

  7. According to the software instructions, start taping the pile's head, you can tap as fast as 2-3 impacts per second.

  8. Collect a large amount of impact samples, in hard cases, even 50 is not too much.

  9. If the data isn't clear, try another location.

  10. You may collect data from several locations, the software will average them for you.

  11. Adjust the presentation parameters to get an optimal picture.

  12. Make sure you have collected high-quality data before moving to the next pile.

  13. optionally, take a picture of the pile to be added to the report.

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