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The PDA system from Piletest
with N_GAPA signal matching software 

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Welcome to Piletest!
The GPC system is the

Pile Driving Analysis - PDA from Piletest.  This Dynamic Load Testing and Pile Driving Monitoring system is based on the High Strain Dynamic Load Tests method, also called the PDA test. The GPC PDA systems also evaluate shaft integrity, driving stresses, and hammer energy when monitoring the pile-driving installation.

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PDA tests are carried out by driving a hammer on pilot or production piles to take advantage of its high-strain impact while monitoring the pile with an accelerometer and a strain gauge. It is often recommended to perform re-strike PDA tests. These are the fundamental aspects of the PDA test method. If no driving hammer is available on the site, a drop weight can be used to impact the pile.

N_GAPA is a software that is used for pile load analysis and signal matching. It helps in estimating the total bearing capacity of a pile or shaft, as well as resistance distribution along the shaft and at the toe. The GPC system monitors the pile on-site and N_GAPA software is used afterwards for analysis. 

  • N_GAPA has proven to be similar to and better than CAPWAP.

  • N_GAPA can do real-time analysis in the test site during the pile installation.

  • N_GAPA - Complementary to GPC with no extra cost.

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GPC PDA system advantages 

  • Easy to use

    • Single bolt per sensor on the pile on Comboducer 

    • Comboducer - Accelerometer + Strain-gauge on one sensor 

    • Results analysis can be done on-site by the easy-to-operate N_GAPA software.

  • Complementary signal analysis software - N_GAPA

    • Proven to be equal to and better than CAPWAP

    • Real-time signal analysis as you hammer the pile

  • Industry Standard 

    • ​It is proven to have the same performance/results as CAPWAP compared to the same pile.

    • Compliant to ASTM  4945EN and ISO-22477-10

Comboducer - One sensor includes
Accelerometer + Strain-gauge

Easier and Faster to install on the pile or shaft.
  • All included 

    • GPC connects to any PC via wireless WiFi. It connects to future computers, while embedded systems quickly become outdated. The full software suite runs on any PC computer.

    • Software suite includes 

      • GPC Acquisition — For collecting the sensor data and presenting real-time driving plots

      • GPC Review — Reporting of test results and capable of automatic signal matching

      • N_GAPA—An Automatic Pile Analysis software for signal matching analysis. Proven to be equal to CAPWAP and faster.​

"The GPC data acquisition system are proven to be excellent..."


  • Reliable

    • 100% QA tests, vibration and extreme temperature

    • The GPC case can tolerate drops and shocks

    • 3-year warranty!

    • Rugged connectors, PU cables, and details.

  • Devoted service

    • Free software support and updates (included)

    • Analysis, interpretation, and reporting assistance (included). We will do/review your first reports to make sure they are up to the highest standards.

    • We also offer SOS (Second Opinion Service) support.

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18 Fouracres Walk
Hemel Hempstead
Herts HP3 9LB
United Kingdom

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