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Welcome to Piletest!

Piletest has been a leader in the pile and deep foundation testing equipment industry for over 27 years, setting the world's standards in pile integrity testing. Our continuous development of cutting-edge equipment has made us a trusted source for customers worldwide. Our key products are designed to meet the needs of our clients, ensuring reliable and accurate testing results. Join the thousands of satisfied customers who trust Piletest for their pile-testing equipment needs.

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Pile Integrity Tester 
Cross Hole Ultrasonic Monitor
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Borehole Inclination Tester
Parallal Seismic Instrument

Our Products Advantages


Accurate, productive, robust and easy to use

3 years warranty


Use your own device (Windows, Android, laptop, tablet, Smartphone)

100% Guarantee

30 days money-back guarantee

Free Updates

10 years of free software upgrades


Complimentary SOS (Second Opinion Service) on test results


27 years of experience in developing pile testing systems for quality and integrity testing of deep foundations

Some of our major customers

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