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PET - Privacy Policy

PET (Pile Echo tester)


The PET (Pile Echo Tester) uses the Pulse-Echo method (PEM) for quick pile integrity testing (PIT) of a large number of piles.
Up to 100 piles per hour can be tested with this app and the Bluetooth PET device from Piletest.
To make the pile integrity test, the pile top is tapped with a lightweight handheld hammer. The PET's digital accelerometer captures and analyzes the reflected wave to provide information regarding the length and shape of the pile. 

The PET complies with ASTM Sonic standard D5882 and AFNOR  P160-2,4 standards.

Google Play Store presence

PET is available to download from here, just like any Google app

Data collection
PET does not collect, share or store any private information. 
PET is designed to acquire and store information about the piles you test 
(That's why you use it in the first place) but not about you as a person.

Please also review our general privacy policy at the bottom of this page.

Developer contact

Please email with any concerns or questions.

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