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PET project sharing made easy(er)

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

A cool new feature has been added to PET. Transferring data from the Android to the PC (or from PC to PC) has become much simpler.

Share your project

The project will be packed, the file name will be the project name (in this case, "8-29"), and the extension of the file will be ".PETProject"

Share the file any way you want to. In this example, I chose to send it via GMail.

The project is sent to your PC as an attachment. Download and open it.

All you have to do now is to click the file. The ".PETProject" extension is associated with the PET application, and it will automatically open it. Exactly like clicking on a ".docx" file will open Word.

In case the project already exists (for example, this is your second visit to the same project), PET will give you the option to merge the imported data into the existing one, or to override it:

Note: to enjoy this feature, you must have your Android PET upgraded to version 5.5 and the PC PET running version 5.2.x or later

If, for some reason, you rather not upgrade your PC PET version for now - rename the *.PETProject to *.ZIP. (The *.PETProject files are just ZIP files with a different extension). Once you have done that, unzip the file in the old way.


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