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Where are my PET files?

Last week, a customer approached our support line.

Respected sir I have tested some piles yesterday. Today when I opened my tab to transfer the data from the tab to PC, I was in shock to see that there is no data in the existing tab of the software. I have tested around 50 projects and the data for all those 50 projects was there in the tab. But now all the projects have been deleted. Please guide.

We immediately answered him as follows.

First, please don't worry- the files are still on your tablet. Your tablet has probably upgraded to the newer version of the app. Because of a new Google policy, the old project location is no longer accessible. Google wants to protect your files from being read by other applications. So they made our lives harder... If you run a file manager application (Usually called "Files"), you will find:
Your old projects are under "...Internal shared storage\Pile Testing" Your new projects are under "...Internal shared storage\Android\data\piletest.PET\files" (The same paths are applicable if you transfer the data from the tablet to the PC with a USB cable.)
You may move the old projects into the new "Files" folder to make them available to the application. NOTE: When uninstalling PET - the files folder will be removed. I'm afraid there is no way around this new policy. I have tried to appeal to Google for an exemption and got refused twice. Another change - when you Share a project, the project is now packed under the name "<project name>.PETProject" (not ZIP). This extension is associated with the PC PET application, which will import it automatically. It's a cool time-saver feature. But this only works if you upgrade to the BETA PET (V5.21). If you prefer to work with older versions, rename the file's extension to .ZIP and use as before. Hope this helps

In return, he answered.

Thanks, sir I am happy that I have connected with such a responsible team of piletest, happy to buy your product, and proud to be part of “Team PILETEST”. From my side 10/10 marks for your customer support.

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