Pile calculators

Wave Speed Calculator

Calculate the expected wave speed in fresh concrete

used by the PET for initial wave velocity entry

{{concreteAge}} days

{{concreteGrade}} {{isMetric ? "mPa" : "PSI"}}

Expected wave speed: {{waveSpeed() | customNumber}} {{isMetric ? "m/s" : "fps"}}   

Read the full paper (Amir, 1988)
Attenuation/amplification Calculator

Calculate the expected signal attenuation (and needed amplification) in a pile

used by the PET for initial amplification entry

{{vc | number:0}} {{isMetric ? "m/s" : "fps"}}

{{pileLength}} {{isMetric ? "m" : "feet"}}

{{pileDiameter | number:2}} {{isMetric ? "m" : "feet"}}


Expected signal attenuation: {{attenuation()}}

\LARGE\\Vs = 77.1 \cdot N^{0.355}\\\\ A=e^{\frac{4L}{D}\cdot\frac{\rho _s}{\rho _c}\cdot\frac{V_s}{V_c}} \cong e^{\frac{3L}{D}\cdot\frac{V_s}{V_c}} \cong e^{\frac{L}{D}\cdot\frac{V_s}{1333}}
Read the full paper...

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