ASTM D 6760

ASTM D 6760 - 16 Compliance Statement

ASTM D6767 - 16: Standard Test Method for Integrity Testing of Concrete Deep Foundations by Ultrasonic Crosshole Testing

[Link to the ASTM standard[Compliance certificate (PDF)] confirms that our CHUM system, running CHUM Version 4.5 (or higher) meet, or exceed, the requirements of ASTM Standard D 6760 - 16

Specific itemized compliance break-down list:

(Item numbered by the ASTM document numbering)

Item Description Requirements Compliance
4.2 Output signals storage Saved or at least modulated Meets (Saved)
4.3 Special test techniques N.A. Exceeds
6.3.1 Probes margins from bottom 100mm Exceeds: (<50mm)
6.3.1 Probe waterproofing 150% maximal depth Exceeds: All our probes are tested in a pressure chamber at 16bar (160m deep) for 30 minutes during stress operation
6.3.2 Transmitter frequency 30-100KHz Meets: 60KHz
6.3.5 Cable robustness - Exceeds
6.3.5 Cables temperature range - -30c to +70c
6.3.5 Cable protection - Meets: CHUM's pulleys design ensures smooth and safe deployment of the probes
6.3.6 Depth measurements slippage None Meets
6.3.6 Depth measurements accuracy Max(1%, 250mm) Exceeds: Max(0.2%, 50mm)
6.4.1 General design - Exceeds
6.4.1 Sampling vertical interval Adjustable Meets, 1cm to 10cm
6.4.1 Gain control Adjustable Exceeds: Automatic
6.4.2 Recording 250KHz Exceeds (500KHz)
6.4.2 Recording 12Bit Exceeds: using top 12Bit of a 16Bit A/D + 8 bits due to AGC (automatic gain control)
6.4.4 Display of Measured Data


Raw data Exceeds: All display options are available in-site, in real-time
6.4.4 Printer Optional Meets (Not supplied with basic unit)
7.9.1 Analysis Relative Energy and FAT plots + Water fall Exceeds: Many more presentation options available
7.9.3 Data storage Data shall be kept permanently Meets
8. Reporting - Exceeds: extensive help from the CHUM system to store and report the specified data items

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