PET - Pile Echo Tester for Pile Integrity Test
Android version

With no extra costs - The Bluetooth PET may be connected to any Android device with Bluetooth
(as well as to a standard PC, laptop, Windows tablet, etc)

Because of their bright display, their long battery life, and their affordable price Android devices are ideal for field work. Today's Android devices have more than enough computing and storage resources to make them a perfect Pile Echo Tester.

Despite the reduced size, performance, ASTM conformance and ease of use is just as good as PET running on a larger Laptop or Tablet PC.

You may try it now, even without the PET hardware:

Setup is trivial: Just click


Or search for "Piletest" - PET installs just like any Android App

Connecting to the Bluetooth PET is also simple:  the software will automatically search for it and will create the connection. (The PIN is 1234)

The android PET can be synchronized in read-time to your office PC (Using a seamless Dropbox integration) so you do not need to worry about data transfer or backup anymore.


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