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Here is the main page of PET
  • You see all the piles that you have tested (or will test) in a table, much like in a word processor. This is a WYSIWYG display.
  • With the mouse / pen you may move columns, resize them, modify items and more.
  • A lot of thought was made in order to minimize the number of mouse actions you have to do. PET is truly ergonomic.
  • There is no limit to the number of piles you can keep, to the pile names or, in fact, to anything else

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Customizing your report

    You have full control over:

  • Which columns to include in or exclude from your report
  • Titles and fonts of the table
  • Your logo (scanning service by is FREE)
  • PET can now "print" to MS WORD, your report is converted into WORD document with a table. You may now add and remove columns, add free text, link the table to your final WORD report.
The Pile Page
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The pile page.
This page combines the logging, post-processing and analysis for a single pile.
  • Changing any parameters is a simple mouse click / pen tap action... Simply drag the digital filter bars or drag the graph cursors.
  • All the blows are logged (see list at right-top) and the average is constantly displayed as the larger graph (top left)
  • There is no limit to the number of blows you can log.
  • You may define your signal direction convention to European convention (blow pointing down, as shown) or U.S. convention (blow pointing up).
  • PET can now sort your blows according to their anomaly and let you delete the faulty ones. Great time saver!
  • PET shows the planned depth of the pile with a special cursor on-screen. You can quickly see if this pile is too short!
  • All controls are now high-contrast B&W for better direct sunlight reading
Hardware interface
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hardware interface menu
  • You have full control over the trigger level.
  • Smart Triggertm allows you to automatically reject irregular blows, at the same time maintaining high sensitivity.
  • Smart Triggertm was found to reject 8 out of 10 bad blows and to accept 8 out of 10 good ones.
Modify All
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The "Modify All" page
  • This is one of the many labor saving features in PET
    Instead of browsing through all your piles changing the wave velocity (and other details), you may now change these details for the whole site in one simple, fast step.
Wave Velocity Calculator
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Wave velocity calculator tool
  • PET has some neat TOOLS embedded in it. This one lets you select the approximate concrete age and grade and get the recommended wave velocity

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