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For over 27 years, Piletest has been a leader in pile and deep foundation testing equipment. Our cutting-edge pile integrity test equipment provides reliable and accurate test results. Join thousands of satisfied customers and contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

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Pile Integrity Tester 
Borehole Inclination Tester
Cross Hole Ultrasonic Monitor
Parallal Seismic Instrument

Our Products Advantages


Accurate, productive, robust and easy to use

3 years warranty


Use your own device (Windows, Android, laptop, tablet, Smartphone)


27 years of experience in developing pile testing systems for quality and integrity testing of deep foundations

Free Updates

10 years of free software upgrades


Complimentary SOS (Second Opinion Service) on test results

100% Guarantee

30 days money-back guarantee

Pile Integrity Test

PET employs the pulse-echo method (PEM, PIT) for pile integrity tests. The PET digital accelerometer records the reflected waves on a computer or smartphone screen by striking the pile top with a handheld hammer. The resulting signal, or reflectogram, offers valuable information about the pile's length and integrity. PET offers advanced automation for fast fieldwork, up to 100 piles an hour. Contact us to learn about the PET SmartTrigger feature and signal-matching capability for improved reflectogram analysis.

Two PET versions are available:

  • PT001 - PET Pro USB

  • PT002 - PET Bluetooth.

Fully supports the following standards:

  • ASTM D5882-16,  AFNOR P160-2,4

What our customers say about the PET

"...And most importantly, our site workers find it much quicker and easier to use than the equipment we used to use" 

 Derby, UK

Timberly Williams

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Some of our major customers

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