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N_GAPA is the next generation of automatic pile driving analysis (PDA) software for dynamic pile testing, comparable to and better than CAPWAP*. N_GAPA software estimates a pile or shaft's total bearing capacity and resistance distribution along the shaft and at the toe. It is easy to use and super-fast.

  • Estimates the total bearing capacity of a pile or shaft.

  • N_GAPA and CAPWAP results are the same *

  • It can be used on any pile type/shape/ or size

  • Real-time signal match analysis 



Using N_GAPA to analyze the test results recorded by the GPC system allows real-time analysis of the test being performed, with real-time signal match, to ensure proper pile driving and faster decision-making on pile capacity and integrity.

* These test results compare the GPC system with CAPWAP to the GPC results with N-GAPA using the same pile simultaneously. The results show a strong correlation between N_GAPA and the CAPWAP analysis software.

Fast & Simple Pile Driving Analysis (PDA) system in Real Time


  • Proven as equal performance or better than CAPWAP

  • Lossless wireless communication - 100% reliable wireless connection.

  • Free software upgrade

  • 3-year warranty!

Easy to Use

  • More graphs on the screen to get the full picture in real-time. 

  • BYOD - Runs on your Windows laptop.

  • Complementary to the GPC PDA system 

Top Perfromance

  • Pile Analysis in real-time

  • Proven to be equal to and faster than CAPWAP

  • Real-time analysis of non-uniform piles in the field.

  • Dual channel lossless WiFi connection

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BIT lansdscape 1600x800.jpg


Borehole Inclination Tester

BIT measures the inclination of a borehole AND of an existing pile. BIT uses the auger /bucket as the centralizer in a borehole

A special centralizer is attached to the BIT sensor in an existing pile and lowered into a plain black steel access tube. BIT enables fast & accurate determination of verticality.

GPC System2.jpg


GPC the PDA system from Piletest 

It is the next generation of dynamic pile testing systems, designed with simplified software and higher ease of use than incumbent systems. Professor George G. Goble, the pioneer of dynamic pile analyzers, designed the GPC system.  It comes with a unique Combiducer and 100% lossless wireless data transmission,

PET_with_Android offwhite back-2.jpg

PET Bluetooth

Pile Integrity Tester
PET is used to test the integrity of deep pile foundations. PET Uses the pulse-echo method (PEM) for pile integrity testing (PIT). A pile test starts when the pile top is struck with a hammer, and the PET accelerometer records the reflected waves, which are displayed as a reflectogram.

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