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What a bulge

A customer approached us with an SOS call (Second Opinion Support) Request There appears to be an anomaly at around 7m.

The drilling log does not show any collapse at about 7m. We did, however, dig out massive boulders up to about 8m deep, backfilled, and re-drilled the pile through an uncompacted fill. The pile took an extra 3sqm to complete to cast level. Would it be correct to term this an anchorage or a completely anomalous pile?

So, we ran our analysis with the standard PET software. Expert Answer (Erez)

I have placed the cursor at 15.5 (Planned) and Amp=16

Next, I did signal matching (which tries to draw a pile with a similar reflectogram in red), which turned out to be quite helpful in this case (Signal matching is standard with PET software)

here below

Erez also clarified these points.

  1. It is beyond my scope to declare a pile anomalous.

  2. It is your job to explain this irregular result to the owner and resolve it to either a flaw or an acceptable irregular result.

  3. The designer's job is to call a flawed pile defective or acceptable - according to considerations unrelated to your testing.

Case dismissed Relevant post - Also, have a look at this blog about Anomalies, Flaws, and Defects

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